Adhipster F.A.Q.

What do I need to create an ad?

You need to provide a title, a short description and either a logo or a background image.

What do I need to do to participate in free cross-promotion?

You start participating in free cross-promotion immediately after you create an ad. However, you start with rank Low, which means that your ad will be shared extremely rarely by other users.

What can I do to get other users to share my ad more often?

To get your ad shared more often you should increase your rank by sharing ads.

How many ranks are there? How many ads do I need to share to increase my rank?

There are four ranks in AdHipster: Low, Average, Good and Excellent. Each next rank gets your ad shared more often. To get from Low to Average rank you need to share 3 ads, from Average to Good - 5 ads, from Good to Excellent - 10 ads.

Is sharing ads the only way to increase the rank?

No, your rank can also increase when someone clicks on the ad you have shared. 10 clicks are equal to 1 ad share.

I don’t like sharing irrelevant content, how can I find the ads relevant to my audience?

We encourage all our users to share only the ads that are relevant to their followers. You can click the Show more ads button on the ad sharing page to search for better alternatives. If you wish to filter ads by a certain keyword, put it in the Filter field. If the Filter field is empty, random ads will be selected.

How do I make sure that other people will share my ad?

First thing is of course to make your ad look nice. Also, you should increase your rank. If you do these two things, there is a high chance that your ad will be shared sooner rather than later, because other people will want to keep their rank high.

Can I create more than one ad?

Yes, you can see the list of your ads and create a new one here.

What does sharing of my ad by other people give me in the end?

You will reach the followers of the person who shared your ad. In the end, if your product is relevant to them, they will click on the ad and visit your webpage.

Does my rank ever decrease?

Yes, your rank will decrease to the previous one 7 days after you have reached the current rank. For example, if you reached rank Good on Wednesday, it will decrease to Average next Wednesday. We will remind you of your current rank in the weekly digest.

How can I stop receiving emails from you?

You can unsubscribe from the emails here.

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